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Consulting Services

Although my time is limited I would like to offer my services in the following areas—please call me for more information

Mentoring Waldorf early childhood teachers—I could come for a day, observe, have a conversation, write up a report for the mentee and offer three supporting phone calls over the three months following the visit. It would have to be driving distance from my home.

                       Cost: $ 350.00 per day plus mileage

Evaluation of a Waldorf early childhood teacher or program—I could come for 1 or 2 days, observe, have conversation, write a report, even offer a parent evening. It would have to be driving distance from my home.

                        Cost: $350 per day plus mileage, room and board

Parenting Issues—I am available by the hour for consulting on such topics as, bedtime, discipline, room arrangement, simplifying and de-cluttering the toys and children's stuff, rhythm and family life, boundaries, festivals.

                        Cost: $75.00 per hour including travel

Workshops—Crafts-felting, paper crafts, birthday celebrations, storytelling, parenting Issues.

                        Cost: minimum of $75.00 per hour plus a supply fee if warrented.

                        You gather friends to talk or make things and we will discuss the details

email me if you are interested in any of these services —

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