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Creative Free Play

Childhood is a time for learning through activity, for experiencing the wonders of nature, for growing socially, for playing creatively and imaginatively, for singing, talking, quarreling and crying, for running, and for laughing. One of the premises of The Cottage Garden is that the children's play is the most important part of their morning. Play is their “work” and the way that they learn about life and its abundant wonders and struggles. In many ways, it would be easier to have activities planned for every moment of the morning. In that way, the children would always be occupied with a teacher-directed activity and many more artistic items would come home; but I do not feel that this would be in the children's best interest. They need to be left free to play in order to learn about sharing, taking risks, role modeling for each other and resolving conflict. These are all worked out and explored during free play. I believe it is my role as their teacher to help facilitate the children's play by providing them with imaginative pictures rather than always using explicit guidance — to encourage this in them, and in their relations with each other. During the child’s early years their activity is of prime importance. Preschoolers are naturally active because their rapidly growing bodies require activity for healthy development.



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