The Cottage Garden





...a unique garden where your children will blossom...


Imagination is a wonderful quality that I hope to nurture through all the stories, nursery rhymes and artistic activities that I provide for the children. When answering children’s questions we have the most freedom in feeding their imaginations. For example, when a child asks where snow comes from, instead of a great big scientific answer, it really is sufficient to say that Mother Holle is shaking her quilt or that the angels are cleaning the clouds. This is a simple imaginative picture that is developmentally appropriate for the young child. It creates a sound basis for holistic thinking; later on, your child will build upon this and learn more deeply. When children balance on a seesaw they are acquiring a bodily and imaginative way of learning physics. Again, this is a sound basis for the intellectual style of learning they will develop later on in school. Abstract thinking, an important human capacity, needs to come at the appropriate developmental stage, when they are a bit older.



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