The Cottage Garden





...a unique garden where your children will blossom...


As the children hear songs and stories repeated over time they become more confident and comfortable in participating in our group activities. We will sing simple songs and recite poetry and nursery rhymes with the children. There are lullabies for sleeping, songs during playtime and songs for tidying up. Soon you will hear many
of our songs at home!

Even dressing the young child can have the element of repetition in it. For example, one could always begin with the same arm in the jacket sleeve and the same shoe on the same foot each time. This helps the child feel organized and secure in learning how to dress. The table is set the same way each day. Colored napkins, a different color for the individual days of the week, may be used and the same snacks are served each day of the week.


The Cottage Garden • Celia Riahi • 135 Cottage Street • Amherst, MA 01002 •