The Cottage Garden





...a unique garden where your children will blossom...


Reverence for nature, for our room and for each other is practiced by showing respect. We show respect for Mother Earth, for example, by raking, gardening, weeding and shoveling while playing outdoors. In our room, Mother Earth, Prince Autumn, Lady Spring — to name but a few — are personified in stories and as wool figures sitting on our nature table to welcome in each season. For the young child, any activity can be filled with reverence — in folding a cloth, pouring water and in eating lunch with friends. I model this for them in my relations to you, their parents, through the stories I tell, and through how I treat the toys and the objects in our room.  

The Cottage Garden • Celia Riahi • 135 Cottage Street • Amherst, MA 01002 •