The Cottage Garden





...a unique garden where your children will blossom...


Life is full of natural rhythms: the seasons, day and night, breathing, but because of the dominance of modern technology in our lives, we have lost some of our inner connection to these rhythms. I believe that we need a firm connection to the natural rhythms before we can creatively move beyond their influence on us. Young children are very comforted by the rhythmical activities we create for them. The Cottage Garden day will have a rhythm all it's own, formed by the developmental needs of the children attending the program. There will be a daily, a weekly, and a yearly rhythm, with birthday celebrations being the exception. The young child does not have the same sense of time that we adults have. Any activity that can be done in a more rhythmical way will be helpful for them, as they will then know what to expect. If the outer structure is secure and strong for them, then they are left free to play and to socialize together.

Our day, for example, might look like this: indoor play, with occasional crafts, watercolor painting or grinding grain, then cleanup, toileting, snack, rest, story time, outdoor activities, toileting, lunch and nap.  The children always know what to expect and thus experience a sense of order and security in their often-busy lives. Seasonal stories and crafts, the nature table, the children’s birthdays and the festivals of the year create a yearly rhythm.



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