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Bread Baking in The Cottage Garden
By Celia Riahi

Baking Verse
Blow wind blow, go mill go,
That the miller may grind the corn.
And the baker will take it,
and into bread make it.
And bring us a loaf in the morn.

Mmmm… the smell of bread baking. It is the most delicious smell. It makes us feel cozy and warm.  Whenever someone comes into my home on baking day, there are many sounds of “aahhh” and “mmmm” and “it smells soooo good.” It may remind us of Grandma’s house and a time when we were small and had no worries or cares. The world was safe and the world was good. And so it is in The Cottage Garden. 

Two mornings a week the children gather around the table to bake bread with me. Along with the wonderful sensory experiences of bread baking, they also receive experiences in math, science, language arts and music. We measure the flour, we watch the yeast bubble up, and we knead the dough and let it rise before we bake it in the oven. The children hear a baking verse and sing many baking songs, and finally, the next day, we eat our bread for snack. What a wonderful experience to have! We love to eat our bread, and all the children now have an appreciation for where it comes from. We have a grinding mill in our room and sometimes we even grind our own grain. All of these activities allow the children to actively participate in the life of the classroom. In The Cottage Garden, the children are guided to learn through imitation. You are probably wondering what this means. Well, in this instance, it means that when we bake, I do not talk about what we are doing—together, we just do it. When the children enter in the morning, the table is set with all of our baking needs and our baker’s aprons are on the children’s chairs. We wash our hands and are ready to begin and soon we will be able to enjoy our yummy bread!

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Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake baker's man,
Bake me a cake as fast as you can.
Pat it and prick it and mark it with B
and we'll have some bread for baby and me.

For baby and me, for baby and me,
we'll have some bread for baby and me.

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