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...a unique garden where your children will blossom...

Care of the Senses

We learn about the world through our senses. Young children are total sense organs. Like little sponges, they soak up everything around them. Children are totally open to sense impressions and are easily over stimulated. As adults we can shut things out by not listening or looking. For example, when we go grocery shopping we reach for what we need and want as we keep moving along, but the small child takes in all the sights, smells and sounds and can easily becomes cranky and tired. Children need to have experiences that they can make sense of in order to build up the capacity of discernment. Later, this will lead them to the ability to make judgments on their own. When they are little, they are still learning where the world begins and they end. I hope to provide opportunities where the children can experience the world but still be protected from too much stimulation. I also hope to provide a way in which they can healthily develop boundaries for themselves. A uniquely important aspect of The Cottage Garden program will be the emphasis on bodily care — dressing, potty training, hand washing, and care for the play things in our room — folding cloth, dishwashing, setting and clearing the dining table.

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